Introductory Programs


What the Buddha Taught: A Year of Studying the Core Teachings of Buddhism - Monthly Online

February 1st—January 9th (2021)

Join us for an online monthly feast of Dharma ! Continue »

Sunday Morning Meditation and Discussion (Online 10-10:45 am)

May 3rd—June 28th

Join us for meditation and discussion in an online format. Open to everyone. Just click on the link below to join the online meeting. Continue »

What the Buddha Taught: Karma, the 12 Nidanas, and Auspicious Coincidence (Online)

with Thomas Berthoff

June 6th—June 13th

Why are we suffering? What can we do to stop suffering? How does meditation accomplish both understanding and stopping suffering? The Buddha’s teaching on karma, interdependence and auspicious coincidence answers those questions. Continue »