Introductory Programs


Modern Classics for Buddhists - Online Book Group

December 1st—May 3rd

Join us for an online discussion of books from various traditions that have shaped contemporary Buddhist thinking. Continue »

What the Buddha Taught: A Year of Studying the Core Teachings (Online) of Buddhism

February 1st—January 9th (2021)

Join us for an online monthly feast of Dharma ! Continue »

What the Buddha Taught: the Habit Called Ego (Online)

with Michael Carroll

April 4th—April 11th

Join us for this online course as we consider the role ego plays in our lives Continue »

Tools for Survival: Problem - Boredom; Solution - Meditation (Online on Tuesdays 7:30-9PM)

with Thomas Berthoff

April 14th—May 12th

In this time of enforced seclusion, most of us are dealing with moments of intense boredom (and intense anxiety). This online course introduces the practice of meditation as solution to and exploration of boredom in all its aspects. Continue »