Introductory Programs


Modern Classics for Buddhists - Book Group

December 1st—May 3rd

Join us for a discussion of books from various traditions that have shaped contemporary Buddhist thinking. Continue »

Monthly Contemplative Dance Practice

January 5th—December 6th

Contemplative Dance Practice is training for personal and group awareness of body/mind through a simple form that alternates sitting meditation with self-directed body movement in space. Continue »

Mindfulness for Everyone: Building and Sustaining a Meditation Practice

with Jude Robison & Marc Scheiner

January 30th—February 20th

Learn to develop or strengthen your meditation practice. All are welcome Continue »

What the Buddha Taught: A Year of Studying the Core Teachings of Buddhism

February 1st—January 9th (2021)

Join us for a monthly feast of Dharma ! Continue »

Bagels and Dharma: The Noble Eightfold Path - Cleaning Up Your Act

with Thomas Berthoff

February 23rd

Shakyamuni Buddha taught the noble eight-fold path as a practical way of cleaning up our lives and liberating ourselves through our own effort and natural insight. Let's talk about it and put it into practice. Continue »