We are delighted that you are inspired to learn about membership! By becoming a member of the Philadelphia Shambhala Center you make a commitment to yourself and to our community in three ways—through Generosity, Practice and Community. Each individual is invited to determine the way best-suited to them to express these three. At a minimum, it’s our membership working together by providing monetary support that ensures the financial viability of the Center. Member support enables us to provide a beautiful place for our meditation teachings, practices, programs and community gatherings to flourish for the benefit of ourselves and others. 

As a member you:

Express Generosity through financial contributions to the Center in order to allow it to remain open and available for everyone. Member contributions enable us to provide space for practice and study, welcoming any who would like to join us. When you become a member, your financial contributions support the $260 a day it takes to maintain the Center.

Deepen Your Practice, integrating meditation practice into your life to help create healthy relationships and an enlightened society. Your connection to mindfulness-awareness practice may also be enhanced through contemplative practices like flower arranging (kado), through social engagement, or other affinity groups.

Participate in Our Community in a way that works for you, whether by volunteering, attending events or supporting our work from a distance. A majority of Shambhala activities are conducted by volunteers, and there are many ways to help. You are invited to donate time based on your interests and availability. Together, in whatever way we participate, we are exploring what it means to develop a culture within our communities that embodies the profound principle of basic goodness. 

Please see the “Become a Member” page to learn more.

To make a change to your Membership Giving Level, visit this page.

Membership is open to anyone from any background, culture, faith or walk of life – all are invited. Members have a special voice in decision-making regarding the Center’s future, and receive a membership pin! If you have questions about membership, or are new to the Center, contact Mark Jacobson, Membership Coordinator, [email protected].