The Philadelphia Shambhala Center is currently being led by a Transitional Leadership Team. In advance of Lisa Kraus’s retirement in February of 2020, a Center Director nominating team was formed. After defining and executing the search process, the nominating committee did not find any one person able to serve as Center Director. However, ten people were willing to participate in a Transitional Leadership Team. That group includes three members of the former Leadership Council.

This group’s mandate is to effectively maintain the Center’s operations and hold the space as the Center continues to evolve. Some principles related to moving forward have emerged from community conversations:

  1. There is a strong desire to co-create a new leadership and governance model with the community. This is in process.
  2. There is a desire to have leadership that represents the various stakeholders in the community.
  3. Whatever form “governance” takes on day one, it will have to evolve over time.
  4. We need to work on holding space for change and growth despite the discomfort this will create.

This is a transitional structure. We are in a process of redefining our leadership structure with a view to accountability, transparency and inclusivity. If you are interested in being engaged with this process, or with any other questions or concerns, please contact the Transitional Leadership Team: [email protected]