What the Buddha Taught: A Year of Studying the Core Teachings of Buddhism (in person)

January 20th—December 14th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room


    What the Buddha Taught:

    A Year of Studying the Core Teachings of Buddhism

    Join us for a monthly feast of Dharma!

    Each month the Shambhala Center will offer a full day of study and practice, focusing on teachings that have remained central to the Buddhist view, drawn from a wide range of sources.

    In these sessions you will:

    • Learn the most long-lasting and widespread ideas in Buddhism
    • Develop insight into how your mind shapes your world
    • Build skills to work with challenges of all kinds
    • Deepen your relationship with meditation practice

    Each day includes meditation practice, talks, discussion and contemplation, all in the spirit of inquiry. We will also offer suggestions for further study, and an option for a between programs small group discussion.

    Below are the topics for each month. You can come to as many or as few as you wish. To encourage you to commit to the full year, each six month grouping is deeply discounted.


    January 20      Life of the Buddha and the Three Jewels

    February 17    The Four Noble Truths and the Three Dharma Seals

    March 16        The 3 Trainings: Meditation, Wisdom and Conduct

    April 20           Buddhist Psychology, the Five Skandhas

    May 18           The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness

    June 22           Karma and The Wheel of Life

    July 20            Profound View and Vast Action

    August 17       Emptiness and the Heart Sutra

    Sept. 21           The Six Paramitas

    October  12     Absolute and Relative Bodhichitta

    Nov. 16            Lojong

    Dec. 14            The Union of Wisdom and Skillfulness


    To register for one or more classes individually, click on the class title to register.

    To register for the first half (January to June) follow this link:  

    What the Buddha Taught Part I:  January 20 - June 22

    To register for the second half (July to December) follow this link:

    What the Buddha Taught Part II:  July 20 - December 14