Volunteer Opportunities

The Philadelphia Shambhala Center is entirely run by volunteers. Volunteering is an act of generosity and without the efforts of people like you, the Philadelphia Shambhala Center would not be able to offer all of the wonderful classes, programs, and events that enhance our practice and our lives.

Volunteering is a great way to get more involved and to feel more connected to your community. Offering our energy and talents through selfless service is a meaningful way to deepen our spiritual path and is part of how we create “enlightened society.” Through service, we develop and sustain the health of our Center and the greater community, while enhancing our personal growth and sense of responsibility.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways you can volunteer and participate in the life and activities of the Center while also deepening your path. Listed below are some current opportunities.

Community Care Team

Volunteers are needed for a working group that will assess and be responsive to the current needs of our community during this time of great change and to create an outreach program for the community based on these needs. This was previously covered by Societal Health and Well-being. Click the button below to learn more.

Join the Community Care Team

Program Coordinators Team

Would you like to help with staffing for programs and classes at the center? Program staff help to make sure things run smoothly for attendees and the teacher. Activities include sending reminders and details to participants before the class, food preparation and shrine setup for in person classes, support for online classes, and assisting the teacher as needed during the class. Click the button below to join the team.

Join the Program Coordinators Team

Marketing & Promotions Team

Can you assist with our social media promotions or website updates? Are you interested in helping to create marketing materials? Do you have other marketing skills or ideas to offer?

Join the Marketing & Promotions Team

Communications Team

Ongoing assistance is needed with a variety of essential administrative tasks including mail pickup and distribution, answering telephones, responding to voicemail / email inquiries about the Shambhala Center, etc.

Join the Communications Team

Facilities Team

Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis to assist with painting and other facilities related projects at the Center.

Join the Facilities Team

Finance Team

Assistance is needed in finance and fundraising, so if you have an eye for details or interest / experience in fundraising, please join the team.

Join the Finance Team

Umdze Team

The umdze leads group meditations and sets the tone of the practice environment. The umdze opens and closes the shrine, times the sitting and walking sessions, sounds the gong and gives the dharma reading of the day. Because umdzes set an example for others, umdzes should have an established meditation practice and be a current member of the Philadelphia Shambhala Center. Umdze trainings are held as needed throughout the year.

Join the Umdze Team

Help in Smaller Ways

Take out the trash, bring snacks, wash dishes, set up meditation cushions, greet newcomers, etc. Every act of service is significant and contributes to the Center as a whole.

Help in Smaller Ways

Offer Other Skills and Talents

Do you have a specialized skill or talent that you think could benefit the community? Remember, everyone benefits when you share your unique gifts. For more information about volunteering opportunities at the Philadelphia Shambhala Center, lick the button below and fill out our Volunteer form.

Offer Other Skills and Talents

Thank you for your generosity!

“The Shambhala tradition provides the basis for a powerful transformation of the motivation that seeks the welfare of the world and asks its citizens to step in and find a tangible, enduring way to help. Some Shambhala warriors have become activists; many have become leaders and visionaries in their fields. Most have been inspired by the dignity and beauty of everyday human life and have found ways to contribute to the long-term goal of enlightened society.”
From “Creating Enlightened Society” by Judith Simmer Brown