Essential Dharma: The Four Noble Truths and the Three Marks of Existence

with Marilia Marien

March 7th

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    Room: Library or other space

    According to Buddhism, we suffer not because there’s anything inherently wrong with us but simply because we misunderstand the nature of reality. This foundational teaching of the Buddha is presented in The Four Noble Truths and the Three Marks of Existence.

    The Four Noble Truths are called noble because they liberate us from suffering. They are the Buddha’s basic teaching, encapsulating the entire Buddhist path.


    • Life is challenging. For everyone. All of our life circumstances are fragile and subject to change.
    • The cause of suffering is the mind’s struggle in response to challenge.
    • The end of suffering – a non-struggling, peaceful mind – is a possibility.
    • The way to end suffering is the Eightfold Path. 


    The Three Marks of Existence link directly to the Four Noble Truths and are another touchstone of the Buddhist path, a basic description of reality: suffering, impermanence and egolessness. 

    In this day-long program we will explore the transformative power of acknowledging things as they are, develop insight into how our mind colors our world, and leave with tools to free ourselves from the suffering caused by mistaken beliefs about reality.