Working with Emotions or How to Make Friends with Yourself

with Jean Plough

November 16th

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We tend to create waves of emotion which go up and down: passion, aggression, ignorance, pride – all kinds of emotions. The problem arises when emotions are fixated upon, become stuck, or get intertwined with ego and storylines. 

Meditation practice can be a way of making friends with ourselves, because it is an experience of nonaggression. When we enter the path of meditation, the idea is not to get rid of emotions or thoughts. Instead, we can be mindful of our emotions arising – whether they’re good, bad, or whatever. As we progress, the key point becomes developing a stillness in which we find freedom from the disturbing aspects of emotions. We can be gentle and remain present, and we can see clearly what the true nature of our experience is. In this way, our emotions contain power, wisdom and compassion that we can connect with.