Philly Fresh Dharma: Does a Dog have Buddha Nature?

with Jean Plough

August 13th

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  • $5.00 Regular
Room: Library or other space

8 weeks. 8 teachers. Refreshing dharma on Tuesday evenings.

We invite you to join us this Summer for a new series, highlighting fresh voices in our sangha's Educator Community. Each week will include practice, a dharma talk and social time.

In Zen, our natural mind is simple, and ordinary. Practice teaches us to abandon anything extra; then the ordinary reveals its magic. One of the most important lessons dogs can teach us is to live in the moment. They are creatures of the present, and they inspire us to be more mindful. When I’m rushing through everything, my dog grounds me, and when I see him contentedly sniffing a tree, I remember that there really is no rush, and that this moment is the only one we have.

August 13 - Jean Plough

Come to listen.   Come to engage.   Come to enjoy!    Everyone is welcome.

A $5 donation is suggested.


If you have any questions about the program series, please contact Marc Scheiner at [email protected]