Holiday Practice Week

December 26th—December 31st

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  • $15 / day Regular
  • $5 /session Program Price
  • $25 /day Patron price
Room: Main Shrine Room

Deepen your meditation practice during our Holiday Practice Week when sitting and walking meditation will be offered seven hours each day. With readings, breaks for guided movement practices, pauses for lunch and dinner, and social events in the evenings, this intensive is designed to be a relaxed and delightful way to befriend ourselves in the present moment.

Take part in whatever portion of the intensive is appealing and workable for you. Suggested pricing is by the day or by the session.

Daily schedule:

10 am -12:30 pm  Meditation practice with a movement break

12:30 – 2pm  Lunch

2 – 4:30 pm   Meditation practice with a movement break

4:30 – 5 pm  Tea

5 – 7 pm Meditation practice (optional dinner break from 5-6 or 6-7)

Evening activities beginning at 7 pm or later (list is subject to change):

Weds., Dec. 26  Profound Treasury Open House

Thurs., Dec. 27  Community Group Sampler

Fri., Dec. 28    Open Mic

Sat., Dec. 29   Movie Night

Sun. Dec. 30    Sunday Dinner

Mon. Dec. 31    The “When Things Fall Apart” New Year’s Eve Party