Warriors In The World February Event

February 4th (2018)

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    Room: Off Site Location

    Warriors in the World will be serving at Grace Café. Given that it is Super Bowl Sunday, volunteers will be scarce that day, so Grace Cafe could really use our assistance. Please check out the details below and email Andrea C. Anastasi at [email protected]if you would like to participate.



    Date: Sunday, February 4

    Time: 4:45-7:30 PM (end time is approximate)

    Child-friendly event: Children over the age of seven are welcome to help

    Organization: Grace Café at Arch Street United Methodist Church

    Address: 55 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107


    "Grace Café is a restaurant style community meal serving our communities most vulnerable residents, our neighbors currently experiencing homelessness and struggling with food insecurity. Every Sunday from 5:30 to 7:00 PM, Arch Street welcomes 200 – 250 of our neighbors for devotions, dinner and fellowship in a welcoming, safe and judgment free space." (Devotions are optional.)


    Volunteers help with several different positions to make this meal happen. The cooking is done ahead of time, so our jobs are related to serving and cleanup. There is a brief orientation before the meal to describe the different volunteer jobs to help you decide the best fit for you. Comfortable shoes are recommended as well as clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. 



     Accessing the building.

    The church is located directly north of City Hall between JFK and Arch Streets (on the south and north sides) and Broad and 13th Streets (on the west and east sides). The entrance is located on Broad Street at the door closest to City Hall (the door is street level...don't go up the steps to the main entrance where the congregation meets). When you walk in, there will be a table on a wall to the right with a sign in book, where you can sign in. Then, back up a few steps and you will see set of stairs going down, also to the right of the entrance. Grace Café takes place down there. 


    Public transportation. 


    ·      Subway: the closest stop on both the Market Frankford Line/MFL (Blue Line) and the Broad Street Line (Orange Line) is City Hall. 

     ·      Regional Rail: the closest stop is Suburban Station.

     ·      Bus: I know the 4 and the 27 go up and down Broad Street passing by the location. There are many other buses as well, given that it’s in Center City.

     ·      Trolley: The 10, 11, 13, 34, and 36 trollies all stop at 13th Street Station a block away


    ***If you would like assistance figuring out a SEPTA route, please feel free to reach out to the coordinator, Andrea, who would be happy to help.


    Street Parking. 

    There is parking on the street on the north side on Arch Street from 13th to Broad and on the south side on JFK Blvd from 13th to Broad. Or if you find something a little farther away, and don't mind walking, that’s obviously also an option.


    Off Street Parking. 

    The Convention Center Parking Facility (1324-42 Arch Street) is super close. The entrance to the garage is on Arch Street between 13th and Broad Streets. Look for the bright yellow Convention Center Parking Facility Sign. Here aretheir parking rates. There are also other parking garages nearby, since it's Center City, so if you don't mind walking, then those are options, too.



    In an effort to recognize peers from the Shambhala community, please wear something green, preferably a shirt, but a hat or other accessory would also work. It’s often the case that we have not had the pleasure of meeting one another in person yet. Wearing a common color is a simple and unassuming way for us to more easily connect with each other at these events.

    Why green? In Buddhist art, green denotes activity (among other things), and, it is also associated with the Buddhist Lord of karma (action), reiterating that green in Buddhist thought is the color of action. Accordingly, green seems to be a fitting color for us given that Warriors in the World is a group of action.



    If you are interested in joining this event and/or the Warriors in the World group generally, please email Andrea C. Anastasi at [email protected]. Also, feel free to reach out with questions.





    Warriors in the World puts into practice our understanding that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness, our awareness of the interdependence of all beings, and our commitment to ease the suffering of others. It endeavors to accomplish this by supporting the wellbeing of our local community through compassionate acts of service and social engagement.


    Accordingly, the Warriors in the World Outreach and Volunteer Committee is for people who are interested in volunteering in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. There are many charitable events and ongoing programs in and around Philadelphia that could use our help. Members of this group are informed by email about potential opportunities to volunteer together. These events happen every month. As a member, you would receive information regarding planned outings and can choose to join the group for any that interest you. Many events are family friendly.


    Interested? Please contact Andrea C. Anastasi at [email protected] to be added to the email list.


    Here are some examples of past volunteer events:

    Grace Café

    Served dinner at a Center City soup kitchen run by Arch Street United Methodist Church.

    The Philadelphia Martin Luther King, Jr. Association For Nonviolence, Inc.: 

    Helped with a holiday toy and coat distribution event.

    MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance): 

    Prepared and delivered meals to individuals battling life-threatening illnesses.

    Grow Philly Novick Family Urban Farm

    Worked at an urban farm focused on supporting healthy choices, sustainability, and community.

    The Philadelphia Streets Department & Project HOME

    Participated in the Annual Philadelphia Spring Street Clean-up with Project HOME.

    Friends of the Wissahickon

    Helped to reroute a trail in support of Friends of the Wissahickon’s Sustainable Trails Initiative.


    Packaged boxes of food for those living with food insecurity at the Hunger Relief Center.

    United By Blue:

    Participated in a Wissahickon Creek Cleanup, helping to remove 920 pounds of trash.

    EAT (Everyone At The Table) Café

    Supported a nonprofit, pay-what-you-can restaurant focused on providing access to healthy, hearty food with dignity.

    Institute for Community Justice

    Repainted ICJ’s new office space to make it more welcoming for clients.