Four Dignities Series: #3 World of the Garuda

with Alexander Devaron

May 21st (2017)

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  • $40 Program Price
  • $50 Patron price
Room: Main Shrine Room
World of the Garuda

Open to all those who have completed either "Fearlessness in Every Day Life", or the Shambhala Training Level "Outrageous".

Through training in the dignities of Tiger and Lion, we learn to live skillfully, compassionately and joyfully in the world of relative reference points.  When we train in the fearlessness and outrageousness of the Garuda, we begin to experience the vast space of mind that functions as the dancing ground for those reference points. As we do so, our hope and fear subsides, enabling a glimpse of genuine relaxation.

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#1 Tiger, March, 19
(Sacred Path: Meek, or Contentment in Everyday Life)

#2 Lion, April, 23
(Sacred Path: Perky, or Joy in Everyday Life)

#3 Garuda, May, 21
(Sacred Path: Outrageous, or Fearlessness in Everyday Life)

#4 Dragon, June, 11
(Sacred Path: Inscrutable or Wisdom in Everyday Life)