SINGING SANGHA: Studying Traditional Buddhist Teachings through Song and Dance

with Alexander Devaron & Kim Desrosiers

April 29th—May 20th (2017)

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    Room: Windhorse
    The buddhas surely do sing and dance.
    To sing and dance is surely profound practice.
    By practicing profound song and dance,
    We reach enlightenment—how amazing!

    Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche 

    Western students of Buddhism may be surprised by how beloved the tradition of both song and dance is within Tibetan culture.  We tend to segment our study and meditation practice into separate, distinct conventions, while Tibetans, since the time of Milarepa, have merged the two.  

    And yet, in the west, we can look to the tradition of congregational singing for unifying melody with teachings in the shared experience of direct spiritual engagement.  
    For generations, people of all faiths have benefited from the skillfulness of singing in their tradition.  Songs are pithy summaries of profound teachings, and merging them with melody cements them in our mind much more completely than simply trying to remember words without melody.  Just think of the songs you learned as child that you still remember!
    Further, Western science, through neurological research, tells us that pattern recognition, and the timing of that cognition, has much to do with how our emotions arise and are released.  These patterns of song and dance actually set the stage for happiness, and deep learning.   

    In these classes, we will engage with complex Buddhist teachings using the ancient technology and wisdom of song and movement.

    Following each class, we will have the option of joining together in another shared wisdom tradition - eating lunch.
    Suggested Donation - $10 per session

    Questions? Contact Kim at: [email protected]
    Photo Credit: Christopher Michel