Contemplative Arts & Disciplines

Monthly Sing - For Anyone Who Wishes to Join Mindfulness and Song in Philadelphia

with Alexander Devaron

December 2nd

Mindfulness brings us into the fullness of the moment. Singing infuses our being with vibrant energy. Imagine the possibilities when we bring these two activities together! Continue »

Monthly Contemplative Dance Practice

December 2nd

Contemplative Dance Practice is training for personal and group awareness of body/mind through a simple form that alternates sitting meditation with self-directed body movement in space. Continue »

Kado--The Way of the Flowers

with Artist to the Court Marcia Shibata

December 7th—December 9th

Discover and cultivate the source of creativity and learn how to express this in flower arranging. Kado is a meditative, contemplative understanding of self, nature, space and perception. Continue »

Alexander Technique

with Alexander Devaron & Joseph Arnold

December 15th

In this workshop, individual or group exercises will introduce you to the Alexander Technique, a 100-year-old holistic system of body awareness and movement re-education. Continue »