What the Buddha taught: Class 2 - The Four Noble Truths and the Three Dharma Seals

with Marilia Marien

February 17th

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Room: Main Shrine Room


What the Buddha Taught:

A Year of Studying the Core Teachings of Buddhism

The foundational teachings of the Buddha are presented in The Four Noble Truths and the Three Dharma Seals.

The Four Noble Truths are core teaching of the Buddha that encapsulate the entire Buddhist path.
  •   The truth of suffering.
  •   The truth of the cause of suffering.
  •   The truth of the end of suffering.
  •   The truth of the Eightfold Path that leads to the end of suffering.

The Three Dharma Seals relate directly to the Four Noble Truths and are another touchstone of the Buddhist path.
  • Impermanence
  • Nonself
  • Nirvana

The Four Noble Truths and Three Dharma Seals are not just concepts to be understood cognitively.  We practice them and apply them to our everyday lives, to realize liberation.  

In this day-long program we will explore the transformative power of acknowledging things as they are, develop insight into how our mind colors our world, and leave with tools to begin to free ourselves from the suffering caused by mistaken beliefs about reality.
Marilia Marien has been practicing meditation for over 20 years. She has been studying and practicing within the Shambhala community since 2008 where she is a teacher and meditation instructor.  Marilia’s passion for helping others learn and apply meditation and mindfulness to their everyday lives developed out of her personal interest and experiences with meditation and other contemplative practices.  Marilia is a certified teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).  She specializes in training and coaching mental health and allied healthcare professionals who want to learn mindfulness to enhance their well-being and/or integrate it into their professional work.