Maitri Bhavana Practice

May 2nd—April 3rd

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    Maitri Bhavana is a meditation on loving kindness that is practiced for those who are seriously ill, either physically or mentally, a timely and powerful practice in this time of Covid-19. It is the practice of expanding loving-kindness without limits, unlimited friendliness. It cultivates our compassion through taking on the sense of suffering of others, provides an opportunity to share our health with them, and acknowledges our deep interconnectedness. All are welcome to participate.

    If you cannot join us yourself, please email the name and illness of relatives and friends who are seriously ill, that you wish for us to include in the practice to: [email protected]

    Be sure to include both the name of the individual as well as the illness.

    On Maitri Bhavana: Talk by Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche In this practice we share health with other people-in fact, all sentient beings. It involves developing a sense of immense generosity and being willing to suffer for others. One's own personal gain and achievement could be shared – in fact, given up. The technique of meditation here [tonglen] is very old, and has come down through generations of mahayana practitioners.

    On Tonglen practice: by Pema Chodron, Tonglen, also known as “taking and sending,” reverses our usual logic of avoiding suffering and seeking pleasure. In tonglen practice, we visualize taking in the pain of others with every in-breath and sending out whatever will benefit them on the out-breath. In the process, we begin to feel love for both ourselves and others; we begin to take care of ourselves and others. Tonglen awakens our compassion and introduces us to a far bigger view of reality. By doing the practice, we begin to connect with the open dimension of our being, the compassion that is inherent in all of us,



    This program is offered free of charge, but all donations are greatly appreciated to help us sustain our physical space during this time.