What the Buddha Taught: Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Online: May 2nd & 9th - 9:30-11:30am)

with Alison Driscoll & Richard Driscoll

May 2nd—May 9th

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Room: Off Site Location

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The Four Foundations of Mindfulness encompass the range of experience we have as human beings: being in a body; feeling-sensation; mental & emotional activity; & interacting with others & the world, or outer phenomena.

During this day of practice & study of the Four Foundations, we will practice cultivating stable and clear awareness moment-to-moment & explore the traditional teachings on this subject, employing guided meditation & direct experience of each of the four, & the of the interweave between embodiment, sensations, feelings, thoughts, and actions. 


Join us each month in this year long study of Buddhism. 

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