Milarepa Day (Online)

March 28th

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    Milarepa Day is an annual tradition to celebrate the enlightenment and extraordinary life example of the Tibetan saint Milarepa. In this year's simplified version of what is usually a full day of practice, we will chant the Milarepa sadhana to begin and end, and in the middle read songs of the lineage teachers in The Rain of Wisdom (Tibetan Kagyü Gurtso).

    Practitioners with copies of The Rain of Wisdom are invited to select several songs that they would like to share with the group. We will take turns reading for about 1-1/2 hours.

    From humble beginnings, Milarepa ultimately became Tibet's greatest saint in the Kagyü Lineage. Under the guidance of his teacher Marpa, he set out to seek spiritual enlightenment to purify his tremendously bad karma. Eventually, his wisdom attracted many disciples and he became a great teacher and poet. The Rain of Wisdom includes many of his poems of realization, called dohas.

    These dohas are songs of realization of the Kagyü lineage holders, sharing their experiences of their human lives, paths and practice. In chanting them, we attune our minds to theirs, invoking the inspiration of their sanity and devotion.


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