Awake in the Body: Mindfulness of Body in Our Meditation and Our Lives

with Jude Robison & Asimina Chremos

March 22nd -Date postponed or cancelled

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  • $40.00 Program Price
  • $50.00 Patron price
Room: Main Shrine Room

THIS PROGRAM IS BEING POSTPONED UNTIL A FUTURE DATE to prevent possible spread of Covid-19

Many of us approach meditation practice with our habitual tool – the mind. We overlook our greatest asset, the body: The body houses our senses, lives in the present moment always, and holds tremendous wisdom. Yet we often under-utilize and under-appreciate, this powerful resource for waking up to our lives, both on and off our meditation cushion.

This workshop will explore how we can turn our attention towards the body as the support for our meditation practice and everyday lives. We will explore sitting, walking, and lying down postures – allowing the inherent awake, aware, and mindful qualities of mind to arise naturally. We will also explore how natural wakefulness can emerge from tending to sense perceptions, emotions, and relationships as embodied experiences.