Educators' Circle Gathering

with Shastri Alexander deVaron

January 12th

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    Room: Library or other space

    Our Educator Circle Gathering in January will focus on the following sets of questions, aimed at checking-in and in keeping aligned with a relevant topic from our Center's recent Community Meetings.  We will allow time for those present to raise other topics as well.

    1) How is each of us doing? What kind of support do we need as teachers, meditation instructors and guides?

    2) What is our role as teachers, meditation instructors and guides? How can we be of the most benefit to the Shambhala community right now?

    3)  What aspects of the teachings or of our culture require closer consideration? How can we keep the essential wisdom of our teachings, creating a healthy diverse and harm-free environment, and discard aspects that may foster exclusion, misconduct or harm.

    If you have questions about the gathering or the above topics, please contact Alexander deVaron at:  [email protected]    

    Participation limited to meditation teachers, guides and instructors.  Please register if you plan to attend.