Members Meeting: Co-Creating our Future

November 17th

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    Room: Library or other space

    In March of this year, many community members participated in discussions about the future of our center. Through heartfelt and well facilitated conversations, we identified three areas in which we want to take action as we begin to co-create our future:

    • Examine our current teachings and culture
    • Explore our relationship to Shambhala International’s organizational structure, and how we might re-imagine the structure of our local Center
    • Acknowledge and open communication about whether people have been harmed in Philadelphia, and if so, how we can establish a healing process


    It’s time to create working groups to move these topics forward as a community. During our next Members Meeting on November 17, we will review the topics and break out into three groups, composed of whoever is inspired to workshop these issues and make decisions about next steps to move these topics forward. At subsequent Members Meetings we will be sharing the work that has been done, and continue in the groups to develop the next steps for each of these topics.

    Sunday, November 17, 10 AM to Noon

    Proposed Agenda:

    • 15 minutes welcome/intros
    • 15 minutes for Center updates/announcements 
    • 15 minutes for orientation to the process and brief description of the three groups
    • 45 minutes for three groups to meet
    • 30 minutes for reporting back to the whole group


    In the past, these discussions have been a remarkable demonstration of open heartedness, genuineness, and bravery. Please come, even if it is just to see people put practice into action And, of course, we welcome your participation as well! Please take this opportunity to be a part of an emerging Shambhala.