Building Community: Facing reality: What do you do when you’ve hurt someone?

December 10th

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    Room: Library or other space

    We’ve all been there: a friend, loved one, or coworker is standing in front of you telling you that you screwed up and they got hurt. Maybe you shot your mouth off or acted in disrespectful way. Maybe you didn’t mean it like they heard it, or maybe you did. Regardless, you’re in the hot seat now and you’ve got to react. What do you do?

    This talk will explore our reactions to being confronted with the reality that our actions lead to someone else being hurt. Through mindful group exploration, we’ll investigate why these situations can be so volatile and how mindfulness, compassion, and equanimity can create opportunities for healing and reconciliation.


    We invite you to join us this Fall for a new series. 6 dharma talks from senior and emerging teachers on the theme of Building Community. 

    Come to listen, come to engage, come to enjoy!   All are welcome. 

    Below is the current listing of teachers and topics.  This listing will be updated as topics are announced.  Separate listings for each program will also be listed for registration.  

    November 5 - Jude Robison 

    November 12 - Alexander DeVaron

    November 19 - Ellen Knapp

    November 26 - Susie Anderson

    December 3 - Marilia Marien

    December 10 - Molly McCoy


    If you have any questions about the program series, please contact Valerie Saxton at [email protected]