Mindfulness in the Modern Workplace

with Michael Carroll

September 13th

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  • $20 Program Price
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Room: Main Shrine Room

In classrooms, hospitals, law firms, boardrooms and numerous other organizational settings, mindfulness has fast become a preferred practice for reducing stress, promoting well-being and encouraging authentic communications. But how could such a simple act as “sitting still” foster such well-being - especially amidst our often chaotic and challenging modern day workplace? In this 90-minute session, Michael Carroll will lead a session of mindfulness-awareness meditation and discuss some practical ways for cultivating workplace well-being by applying the practice to our livelihood, careers and jobs.   

Michael Carroll, a former Wall Street and publishing executive,
is COO of Global Coaching Alliance and author of Awake at
Work , The Mindful Leader , Fearless at Work and Mindful
Leadership Training. He has practiced meditation since 1976
and is an authorized teacher in the Kagyu-Nyingma lineage of
Tibetan Buddhism.

Following this Friday evening talk, on September 14  - 15, Michael Carroll will teach Awake at Work: Confident in Life.