Shambhala Art Part 3 - The Creative Process

with Joann Herson & Shastri Alexander deVaron

May 10th—May 11th

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Room: Library or other space

Facing a blank piece of paper, an empty stage, an idle instrument, or an unplanted garden, we welcome the open space of not knowing: the Heaven principle. Out of that space, inspiration arises and we take the leap, make the mark, and begin to create, joining Heaven and Earth. Bringing awareness and heart to the process is the Human principle. Part Three explores these ancient Chinese aesthetic principles through calligraphies and object arrangements.

 Parts One and Two are prerequisites for Part Three.


Joann Doneen Herson

Joann Doneen Herson, a practitioner of meditation and an exhibiting visual artist and teacher, graduated from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 1991 and received her Shambhala Art Teacher certification in 2011.

She is an active member and past Director of the Philadelphia Shambhala Center and continues a full schedule of the study and practice of meditation and Art. Doneen's current inspiration is bringing these two disciplines together through the powerful Five Part program of Shambhala Art....which are richly presented in these teachings by  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche on the "True source of Creativity, in Everyday  Life."

Alexander deVaron

Alexander deVaron began meditating in 1980, and studying in Shambhala in 1982. He met Chögyam Trungpa in 1985, and was empowered as both a teacher and meditation instructor in 1986. Since that time he has been mixing the teachings on meditation with all types of creativity. In addition to teaching in Shambhala, he teaches stress management programs for the Penn Program for Mindfulness, and music at Temple University. In 2010, Sakyong Mipham appointed him the Shastri (senior teacher) of the Philadelphia Shambhala Center.