Ritual and Form: Mamo Chants and the End of Lunar Year

January 25th—February 3rd

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    Room: Tantra Shrine Room

    During the ten-day period preceding Shambhala Day or Losar, the Tibetan New Year, we will be practicing the Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos recitations as a way of clearing the accumulated negativities of the past year, so that we can begin the new year fresh.

    We will be offering short talks before each practice session. Topics will include:

    • Introduction to end-of-year practice
    • Protector principle and wrathful action
    • Dorje Kasung practice as it relates to the protectors
    • Protector chants and their purpose
    • The four karmas
    • Gesar of Ling and protection
    • Protectors of the Three Courts
    • Four-armed Mahakala, dharmapalas, and lokapalas
    • Dedication of merit and letting go
    Please join us for the talks and stay for the practice.
    A donation of $5 is suggested.