Shambhala Art - Part Two: Seeing Things As They Are

with Joann Herson

November 3rd (2018) -Date postponed or cancelled

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Room: Main Shrine Room

Through meditation we come to see things as they are as opposed to how we think or imagine they are.  We discover that everything has a felt presence to it as well as a thought sense that we bring to it.  What we create and perceive communicates through signs and symbols.  Signs communicate primarily information and the thought sense of things.  Symbols on the other hand are primarily about non-conceptual direct experience, the presence and the felt sense of things.  Seeing the difference between signs and symbols, thought sense and felt sense, as well as how they work together empowers our creative and viewing processes.

Joann Doneen Herson is a visual artist. She received meditation instruction in 1991 and is a longtime member and former Director of the Philadelphia Center, a meditation instructor, and Shambhala Art teacher. 

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