Four Dignities Series: #2 World of the Lion

with Alexander Devaron

April 23rd (2017)

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  • $40.00 Program Price
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Room: Main Shrine Room
World of the Lion

This day-long retreat will build on the gentleness, inquisitiveness and precision of the previous dignity, Tiger.
We will explore such questions as:

'Can we experience discipline as an expression of inner clarity, rather than as a set of externally imposed rules?
And, 'Can helping others be a source of energy and joy, rather than a burden?'

The day will consist of meditation practice, brief talks, discussion, and experiential exercises.

Prerequisites: Open to all those who have completed either "Joy in Every Day Life", or the Shambhala Training Level "Perky".

World of the Lion is the second of a series of four retreats.

Each month we will gather to immerse ourselves in the teachings and practices of a particular dignity.

Each retreat is open to anyone who has fulfilled one of the prerequisites, and attendance at an earlier day is not required to attend later days.

#1 Tiger, March, 19
(Sacred Path: Meek, or Contentment in Everyday Life)

#2 Lion, April, 23
(Sacred Path: Perky, or Joy in Everyday Life)

#3 Garuda, May, 21
(Sacred Path: Outrageous, or Fearlessness in Everyday Life)

#4 Dragon, June, 11
(Sacred Path: Inscrutable or Wisdom in Everyday Life)