COVID-19 Response Letter

March 23, 2020

Dear Philadelphia Sangha,

In partnership with the world-wide community in working to slow down the spread of COVID-19, the Philadelphia Shambhala Center in now closed. We are monitoring communications from the CDC and the City of Philadelphia and will be making periodic updates as the situation evolves.

As the COVID-19 virus situation continues to develop, we are reaching out to share what we are doing locally to help protect, support and care for our community. While the physical center is closed, our community continues to be at the core of all that we do. In order to care for each other we are offering a variety of ways to stay connected.

Please join us online.

To provide support for the Shambhala and larger community, the Transition Leadership Team (TLT), along with members of the Shambhala community, has been actively working to transition events online, and to create new programming approaches for this time. We are discovering the power of virtual options such as Zoom to keep us connected with practice, study and gathering. If you are looking for ways to connect with the community, please check the website, as well as your emails, for updates on events. Let us use this time to come together and to keep our connections strong and meaningful.

We currently have the following programs online.  The Zoom links and dial in numbers are unique to each program and appear on their specific page. 

And keep Milarepa Day on your calendar: he’s going virtual too! March 28, 3:00 – 6:00 PM.

You also might explore what other Shambhala Centers are doing online. Distance is no obstacle! Just go to (cityname) For example, Boulder has some of their finest teachers giving talks every night (8:00 PM EDT)

It is easy to feel disoriented, fearful and lonely in times such as this. During challenging times, connecting with practices that help us de-escalate our fear, bring us into connection with our shared humanity, and offer a compassionate way forward, is vital in our effort to support the well-being of ourselves and those around us. Reach out to one another, especially those who may be particularly vulnerable or isolated.

We continue to welcome your input and ideas for how to stay connected with our practice and each other during this time. Please contact the Transitional Leadership Team with any ideas, feelings or concerns at [email protected]. And please continue to visit the website for the latest information during this time.

Transition Leadership Team

Alexander DeVaron, Cori Grachek, John Hexem, Kari Hexem, Mark Jacobson, Judy Luther, Jude Robison, Marc Scheiner, Kris Stinson, Adam Tecza