Coronavirus Precautions


We have started offering some limited in-person activities, in addition to online programs. Currently, we are asking everyone attending in person to be fully vaccinated, and to wear a mask at all times. These guidelines follow the recommendations of the CDC and the City of Philadelphia.


Our response to this situation is an issue of societal health, going beyond the fear of our own personal situations and practicing care for others – particularly those more vulnerable. Our efforts can influence the spread of the disease. We can work as a community to reduce the spread and intensity of coronavirus within our sphere of control, which is the Philadelphia Shambhala Center facility itself.

What We Are Doing

As we start to introduce in-person gatherings again, we are taking precautions such as requiring masks, providing for physical distancing, limiting participation, strengthening cleaning practices, and encouraging everyone to follow the guidance of scientists advising our federal, state and local governments. In addition we have had professional maintenance and repairs made to the HVAC system.

What You Can Do

    • When visiting the Shambhala Meditation Center:
      • Please bring your favorite water bottle or travel mug. The kitchen is closed.
      • Please help clean at the end of a program.
      • While sitting, leave space between people.
    • If you are not feeling well for any reason, please stay home and take care of yourself. We hope to see you when you are feeling better.
    • Get vaccinated.
    • Familiarize yourself with good information. Be kind to yourself.