Governing Council

Like the rest of the global Shambhala community, the organization of activities and leadership within the Philadelphia Shambhala Center is divided into three “pillars”, the pillar of Practice and Education, the pillar of Protection, and the pillar of Governing. Although some community members resonate primarily with one or another of these three pillars of our society, many of us participate actively in two or even all three.

The most central of the three pillars is area of Practice and Education, which provides training in our various styles of meditation and the Shambhala/Buddhist teachings.

To encourage a calm environment suitable for meditation practice and contemplative teachings, our programs take place within an environment that is looked after by the second pillar of our Shambhala society, the Protection pillar. Our protectors are the friendly and helpful members of the Dorje Kasung, who are inviting and welcoming as well as protecting. They act somewhat as gate keepers to the teachings of Shambhala.

Our center would not operate at all without the work of the third pillar, the Governing pillar, led by the center Director. The Governing pillar works with finance, community, communications, facilities, volunteers, and membership.

Members of the Governing Council serve the community by providing a connection to the international community and support for the local community. To facilitate a direct communication please share ideas or concerns with the appropriate Council Member. If you are unsure whom to contact, please send an email to [email protected] or call us at 215-568-6070.

Center Director and Chair of the Council — Lisa Kraus
Director of Practice & Education — Marc Scheiner
Dorje Kasung — Jean Plough
Director of Culture and Decorum — Susie Anderson
Director of Societal Health and Well Being — Susanna Lack
Chagdzo (Finance) — Fred Strathmann
Council Secretary —